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The NIIC Office Rentals via Upflex

The NIIC has partnered with Upflex to make renting our flexible coworking spaces easy, safe, and convenient.


There are many reasons to start your business at The NIIC, but one of the greatest is the community that forms working alongside other entrepreneurs.

The environment you work in can have a bearing on your likelihood of success. It may not seem like much, but the informal conversations and collegial advice you share with the people you work near are invaluable. Also, having people vested and interested in your success – encouraging you, connecting you and inspiring you along the way.

We call our coworking spaces at The NIIC the Professional FlexSpace. On a daily basis, the area is bustling with motivated entrepreneurs and small business owners–eager to connect, engage and bounce ideas off of likeminded entrepreneurs.

We’re interested in your long-term success at The NIIC. Not your long-term lease. All amenities, including our state-of-the-art infrastructure and professional services are available as you bring your idea to life.

Indiana Coworking Passport

Working across the state to START UP Indiana, The NIIC is a member of the Indiana Coworking Passport. This means that NIIC FlexSpace members have limited access to 62+ other coworking spaces around the state of Indiana! Learn more

The NIIC’s Professional FlexSpace offers valuable bundles of services saving you time, money and stress:

  • CREDIBILITY. Our reputation precedes us. The NIIC is the destination for aspiring, serious and serial entrepreneurs.  Your business mailing address will tell the marketplace your serious about beating the odds.
  • PARKING. Both you and your guests have access to complimentary, convenient surface parking.  We have over 300 surface spaces available.
  • FLEXIBILITY. Full and half-year memberships are available without additional costs. The NIIC offers secure keycard access and a variety of well-positioned surveillance cameras for additional safety and security.
  • ACCESSIBILITY. Members have access to four private and semi-private conference rooms in our fully-furnished conference center. Wifi is available throughout our common areas, and wired broadband comes standard in individual office spaces.
  • KITCHEN AND COFFEE. The NIIC offers a full-service kitchenette with refrigerator, microwave and freshly ground coffee every day. We have monthly client appreciate events, as well as an onsite chef and catering service, available at an additional cost.

If you’re a serious entrepreneur developing new proprietary technology, engineering a medical device or maintain protectable intellectual property, our advanced surveillance and security systems have you covered.

When it comes time to expand beyond the Professional FlexSpace, our business incubation and growth acceleration programs are expansive and accommodating to fast-paced, high-performance companies.

Another reason to start at The NIIC, we host monthly client appreciation events and can connect you to educational and informational business building workshops. It’s no wonder why more than 5,000 guests come to The NIIC to host and attend conference every year.
To learn more about coworking options and packages at The NIIC, feel free to contact us.


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