Women Helping Each Other – Opportunity Center Allows Training for New Business Owners

Charlotte Stefanski, The Journal Gazette


“Amber Harper taught general education in Indiana elementary school classrooms 12 years. She became a Google-certified educator and trainer, which allowed her to teach educators how to use Google for educational tools. Later, it became her mission to help burned-out educators who wanted a change.

In 2016, it started with a blog, Burned-In Teacher, where Harper shared her frustrations. In a few short years, it flourished into her own online business, where she uses an eight-step process to coach small groups of teachers.

But running a business wasn’t always easy. While Harper had plenty of motivation, she struggled with isolation.

“It was lack of direction,” Harper said. “Like where I should go next? Who should I contact for this question? What is the next best step to take as a new business owner?”

That turned around when she heard about Launch Women Business Builder, a program of the Women’s Entrepreneurial Opportunity Center, which helps women and minorities launch business ventures.”

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