Resiliency Training Available for Indiana Business Owners

Tammy Allen, Director | Marketing & Programs, The NIIC

Aimed at Increasing Success through Harnessing Failure

May 11, 2021, Fort Wayne, Ind.—Entrepreneurship is not easy. It often includes struggling to make payroll, launching products people will buy or chasing that next big idea. Successful business ownership takes resilience. In this spirit, The NIIC created new training for business owners, The Resilient Entrepreneur: Building Success and Surviving Setbacks. Sarah Lance, WBC EmPWR Program Manager, The NIIC, will facilitate and lead the training, which is high-value offered at no charge to participants through the EmPWR Program. Register here.

At the core of this training are the principles taught by innovation and entrepreneurial experts John Danner and Mark Coopersmith, authors of The Other “F” Word, How Smart Leaders, Teams, and Entrepreneurs Put Failure to Work. Designed to help business builders thrive, it provides tools to improve the odds of success by turning failures into strategic resources. “Great innovators build on failure. Through a structured set of immersive, hands-on experiences guided by two of the very best thought leaders on failure, you will activate, upskill, and nurture your business resilience. By doing so, you will anticipate and lean into future pivots, gain business insights, and confidently navigate the choppy waters of change,” said Karl R. LaPan, NIIC President and CEO.

Two live sessions kick off the training, followed by 10 15-minute videos, an application exercise, and discussion. Danner and Coopersmith will lead the two live sessions. “Failure’s like gravity. It’s everywhere—a fact of life for every organization at every organizational phase, from startup to growing business and established enterprise,” John Danner and Mark Coopersmith, The Other “F” Word.

Lance will facilitate the live sessions, with the first one to focus on an overview and key traits of resilient entrepreneurs. The second live session will be a clinic to discuss participants’ specific challenges and general Q&A. These are followed by the training videos and applications, which are available online using NIIC Navigator® Learning Management Tool. Lance recommends augmenting the online training with WBC EmPWR one-on-one coaching.

Register for the program here

About WBC EmPWR Program

The Women’s Business Center (WBC) EmPWR Program is funded by the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Office of Women’s Business Ownership and serves clients in 83 Indiana counties. The EmPWR Program brings together the experts, resources, and tools business builders need to get back on track from COVID-19. We specifically serve women-owned businesses – from individual entrepreneurs to businesses with many employees in multiple locations. We work with anyone who needs our support. For more information, visit https://theniic.org/empwr/.



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