Prioritize Your Mental Wellbeing: It’s Up to You

Leslee Hill, Business People


One in five American adults experienced a poor mental health condition in the past year. In our lifetime, that number will increase to one in two – half the population, according to LookUp Indiana.

Many businesses work together to ensure the topic of mental well-being and self-care among business builders is recognized and supported. It is unreasonable to expect demands to become manageable without first managing ourselves. There are 27 million entrepreneurs in the United States. According to a small business study by Springer, “Mental health differences directly or indirectly affected 72 percent of entrepreneurs in this sample.” Further, about a third of the entrepreneurs “reported having two or more mental health conditions, while 18 percent reported having three or more mental health conditions.”

If you own or have owned a business, you understand the intense roller coaster ride of emotions it is. It is consuming and demanding. Founders of startups wear multiple hats for their businesses – although no one is good at all things (IT, finance, HR, marketing, customer service, etc.)…

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