Our View: Fatherhood evolves in the workplace

Greater Fort Wayne Business Weekly


“In honor of Father’s Day, Business Weekly examines the evolving role of dads in the workplace. As mothers continue to climb corporate ladders and shatter glass ceilings, fathers need to not only take on larger domestic roles, but continue providing leadership and setting examples for success.”

“…Karl LaPan, president and CEO of the Northeast Indiana Innovation Center, distinguishes between a mentor and a parent.

I look at mentors as trusted advisors, and typically, mentors don’t have ‘skin in the game’ except to provide unbiased opinions using their life experiences and expertise,” he said. “Fathers have skin in the game, and my hope is that my kids fully discover their career calling and passion in life, but I am also fully vested and engaged in their success. I view my kids not as proteges but as active participants in the myriad of decisions/choices that affect their lives and living with the consequences of those choices/decisions.”

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