Know Your Customer

Leslee Hill, Director, WEOC at The NIIC
Photo by Business People


We’ve all been there. Maybe it is a single phrase or a monologue. The reaction is the same. Once alienating language enters the conversation, we tune out and disconnect. It is common knowledge that people must know, like and trust you before they will commit to doing business with you. There is one more equally important piece of the equation: communication.

To properly understand customer needs and address their pain points, first make sure you are connecting with the right people with the right message on the right platform.

Know Your Demographic

Who is your ideal client? Addressing the right audience is crucial…

Refine Your Message

Once you have identified your ideal client, use resources to help target your message…

Optimize Delivery

Where is your ideal audience? On social media? Which platforms?…

Engage Your Client

As a lead-in to the steps above, no matter the platform, consider telling a personal story. Try to engage your audience’s imagination and trigger their senses. Doing so humanizes both you and your brand.

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