Innovative Livestock Group Forms to Disrupt $1.4 Trillion Livestock Industry

Innovators are disruptors. Innovative Livestock Group, LLC (ILG), a new company formed by local entrepreneur Brent Davis and Northeast Indiana Innovation Center, intends to disrupt. Livestock systems are a significant global asset with a value of at least $1.4 trillion. It is one of the fastest growing agriculture subsectors in developing countries. The growth is driven by increasing demand for livestock products, population growth, urbanization, and increasing incomes. Despite advances in animal genetics and breeding technologies, most breeding livestock and genetics are still sold by auction. The business model has not advanced with the technology.

“We co-founded this new company with a local entrepreneur because we believe in innovation and the individuals who drive innovation to make a difference. Brent Davis is one of those individuals. In this information age, the biggest challenge to the livestock systems is information, getting the right information to the right person at the right time. Innovative Livestock Group was formed to do that—to provide an efficient, digital means for how business is conducted in this industry through the use of proprietary technology. This was developed through collaboration with NIIC client Cirrus ABS,” said Karl R. LaPan, President and CEO, Northeast Indiana Innovation Center. Elevate Ventures also provided $25,000 funding for Innovative Livestock Group formation.

On one side, the breeders or sellers need to increase the range and target for selling their breeder animals and genetics. On the other side, the farmers or buyers need information access to discover options available to meet their exact needs at the exact time at the exact price. Innovative Livestock Group offers the livestock industry a way to propel forward in the digital age through the company’s proprietary, database-driven livestock portal. This portal provides connectivity of seller and buyer websites. This enables buyers and sellers to quickly find exactly what they are seeking. What the Internet has done for companies like ebay and AutoTrader, Innovative Livestock Group is doing for the livestock industry.

The company officially launched at the National Swine Registry Fall Classic, November 16-19, 2016, in Duncan, Oklahoma. “Some of the nation’s livestock industry leaders have signed on to our ILG Marketer, which includes a new marketing website and promotions program for breeders. We also have commitments from industry leaders throughout the U.S. and are excited about the momentum building, which we anticipate will change the livestock industry,” said Brent Davis, Co-founder, Innovative Livestock Group, LLC. For more information about Innovative Livestock Group, LLC, visit http://www.innovativelivestockgroup.com/

About The Northeast Indiana Innovation Center (The NIIC)

The NIIC is a non-profit, community-based entrepreneurial resource center that assists in the growth and development of innovative companies in Northeast Indiana. Formed in 1999 by a consortium of community and government leaders and organizations, The NIIC was recently recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the top four under-the-radar incubators in the country. The Innovation Center is the country’s only ISO9001:2008 registered business incubation and acceleration programs, serving entrepreneurs, business owners and existing businesses who want to launch, expand or re-invent a company. For more information visit: www.niic.net

About Innovative Livestock Group (ILG)
ILG was formed November 2016 by Brent Davis, Co-founder and Northeast Indiana Innovation Center. The company was formed to propel forward into the digital age the $1.4 trillion global livestock systems. The company offers proprietary, database-driven livestock portal, providing connectivity of buyers and sellers. This technology was developed through collaboration with The NIIC client Cirrus ABS. Elevate Ventures also provided $25,000 funding for ILG formation. For more information about ILG, visit: http://www.innovativelivestockgroup.com/

Photo Caption: Innovative Livestock Group, LLC (ILG) offers the livestock industry a way to propel forward into the digital age through the company’s proprietary, database-driven livestock portal, providing connectivity of buyers and sellers.

Media Contact: Tammy Allen, Director, Marketing Communications & Programs–The NIIC
tallen@niic.net, Telephone: 260-407-6442


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