Innovation and Indiana’s Business Future

Jack Mansfield, Karl R. LaPan, Denny Spinner, Diane Medley, Stan Pinegar, Earl Brooks, Vid Hegde, Steve Long, Shelley Klingerman-January/February 2019 Biz Voice/Indiana Chamber


“ENTREPRENEURSHIP – Imagine if … This is the statement posited every day by the great innovators, business builders and visionary entrepreneurs of Indiana. They put innovation to work for the betterment of Hoosiers and mankind. However, innovation alone is insufficient for our state’s economic growth.

Only through commercializing innovations do we achieve real and lasting societal benefits that ensure a vibrant and sustainable Hoosier future. A prosperous future fueled by higher per capita income, better educational attainment rates, more economic vitality and greater industry cluster diversity.

Hoosier innovations make our world better, safer and healthier by solving a plethora of social challenges. Imagine if Indiana innovators never invented and commercialized these products: fluoride toothpaste, the seat belt, the Breathalyzer, Philo Farnsworth’s TV, the transistor radio, car headlights, life-saving medical devices and a myriad of health treatment protocols. Innovation levels the playing field for everyone, regardless of their circumstances or background. They simply need to start with a desire to make something better, faster, cheaper, smarter or simpler.” (said Karl R. LaPan)

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