CEO Rhythms Forum Forming in Northeast Indiana

Tammy Y. Allen, The NIIC, Fort Wayne, Ind

Local CEO Advantage™ Certified Advisor Todd Schrock is partnering with Northeast Indiana Innovation Center (The NIIC) to form CEO Rhythms Forum. This is essentially a peer group for CEOs, presidents and owners of emerging businesses. The forum is facilitated by The CEO Advantage Certified Advisor Todd Schrock and focuses on key topics and tools to make the most difference for these businesses. Think of it as CEOs helping CEOs within a guided framework in a confidential, safe environment.


A 2016 study by the CEO Peer Networks found that CEOs who participated in CEO peer groups grew three times faster and were twice as profitable as the industry average. Leaders of larger firms have often joined CEO peer groups to grow professionally and to improve the profitability of their companies.


“With the CEO Advantage process we normally work with midsize organizations of 50 to 2,500 employees. However, I continued to run into 50 to 100-ish employee companies that shared certain unique challenges of many 20-50 employee companies. If left unresolved, these challenges limited their profitability and growth, as well as their ability to build a great company,” said Schrock.


“Growth-oriented companies need inspiration and accountability, which can often be found in a peer group. CEO Rhythms Forum provides an opportunity for results-driven, practical and relevant topics to be discussed candidly and confidentially as companies move strategic priorities and big rocks toward successful outcomes,” said Karl R. LaPan, President & CEO, The NIIC.


A small percentage of small companies will successfully transition to a consistently profitable company of 50 employees or more. At most, only eight percent of all companies reach this critical business stage, while less than two percent are midsize or larger, according to the Small Business Administration’s latest figures. “CEO Rhythms Forum was created to help companies reach their goals and provide more jobs through a streamlined process to more successfully and profitably transition fully into an emerging or mid-size company,” said Schrock.


The forum launch includes a published article series to define unique challenges of emerging businesses of 20 to 100 employees, and identify the first few steps to take to successfully resolve them. CEOs: 3 Deadly Distractions and 3 Leadership Opportunities is the first article in the series. Contact Todd Schrock at telephone 260 385-8990 or email

toddschrock@theCEOadvantage.com to learn more about CEO Rhythms Forum.


About The NIIC

The NIIC is a non-profit, community-based entrepreneurial community. We assist business builders and entrepreneurs to launch, expand, or re-invent successful businesses and ventures in Northeast Indiana. Formed in 1999 by a consortium of community and government leaders and organizations in 2013, The NIIC was recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the top four under-the-radar incubators in the country. This basically means Entrepreneur magazine, with the help of International Business Incubation Association, picked four U.S. incubators to highlight, and we were one of them. In their words, we “stand out in a state not always perceived as small business friendly.” The NIIC is the country’s only ISO9001: 2008 registered business incubation and acceleration program. For more information visit: www.TheNIIC.org.


About CEO Rhythms Forum

Local CEO Advisor Todd Schrock, emerging and midsize business expert, formed a partnership with Northeast Indiana Innovation Center (The NIIC) to launch the CEO Rhythms Forum in Northeast Indiana in June 2017. CEO Rhythms Forum is built on the key insight for emerging companies of about 50-2,500 employees this size to address the unique challenges relative to this business stage and encompasses various industries.


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