Brave, Bold Moves

Jennifer Blomquist, Business People magazine


Start small…think big… and act fast.

That’s the approach five local women took when going into business for themselves. All of them come from different backgrounds with different strengths and skills, and all of them were looking for advice and direction from experts.

They turned to the WEOC Women’s Business Center (WBC), a program hosted at The Northeast Indiana Innovation Center in Fort Wayne, better known as The NIIC.

There, they worked with the WEOC Director Leslee Hill, and learned how to tweak their maneuvers and strategize for success. Here are their stories.

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  1. Betty Shuman, Founder and Owner, A Divine Encounter Cafe
  2. Liliana Sil, Founder and Owner, Bee Well Nutrition
  3. Carmen Hicks, Founder and CEO, Hicks Monuments & More
  4. Jackie Hook, Founder and Owner, High Point Ready
  5. Candice Munson, Founder and Owner, Flourish & Flounce

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