An Interview with Entrepreneurial Thought Leader, Karl LaPan

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Happy to share this inspirational and thought provoking conversation with you….

Karl LaPan, President & CEO of The Northeast Indiana Innovation Center is no stranger to the world of company building.  As the first president and CEO of the NIIC, Karl has been able to shape the organization with his core values surrounding entrepreneurship, helping it grow into one of the top entrepreneurial resource centers in the country. The center is built with advising at its heart; from unique business building resources, the Women’s Entrepreneurial Opportunity Center (WEOC), the connected health lab, and programs that reach deep into the community.

I recently sat down with Karl at the entrepreneurial table. The great thing about chatting with Karl is you can cover a wide range of topics – and we did.  From his thoughts on global entrepreneurship trends, to his latest book Guard Rails, his perspectives on advising and coaching entrepreneurs and of course, his deep passion for creating inclusive communities.  Sprinkled throughout our conversation are dozens of tips, insights and advice for those of us who support and inspire entrepreneurs.

Listen to our conversation here: https://wendykennedy.com/blog or wherever you get your podcasts!

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