In the business of perfecting patient care

Excerpt “Parkview Health holds the belief that every person it employs, from the doctors to the nurses and even the kitchen and cleaning staff, have a great idea brewing in their brains. At the Parkview Mirro Center for Research and Innovation, it wants to pull those ideas out of employees’ brains and help them make […]

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Burned-In Teacher helps burned out teachers

Excerpt “How would you describe Burned-In Teacher? “I started Burned-In Teacher after a dozen years of teaching first through fifth grades in Noble County in order to serve a different type of student: burned-out, frustrated, left-behind educators who want to catch up and feel fulfilled, efficient and effective in their classrooms and schools. I have […]

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Premier Nursing Academy Expands—Educating Early Level Medical Professionals

New Parent Company Fuels Growth June 6, 2019—Fort Wayne, Ind.  Premier Nursing Academy began two years ago as a local, family-owned business, with a plan to provide accessible CNA training. They have since turned the early level medical education model upside down and changed the lives of the 1,250 students who have graduated its programs […]


Interior Design Sample Ordering Process Meets Tech Innovation

SAMPLE SNAP APP Soft Launch at NeoCon 2019 Photo provided by SAMPLE SNAP APP May 30, 2019 Fort Wayne, Ind.—Interior designers innovatively design spaces. Contrast that with the process for securing materials samples for those designed spaces. It is time intensive and laborious. It requires coordination with multiple vendors for each design project component and […]

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Allied Payment Network Adds Michele Rehm as Director of Marketing

Rehm to Help Grow Company Market Share Through Traditional and Digital Marketing Efforts NEWS RELEASE – FORT WAYNE, Ind.–(May 30, 2019)–Allied Payment Network, the industry’s most progressive provider of online and mobile bill payment services to banks and credit unions, announced today the addition of Michele Rehm as Director of Marketing, effective May 13, 2019. […]

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