Does your business idea need direction?

NIIC Navigator® is your entrepreneurial GPS

NIIC Navigator® is your Virtual Guide on your entrepreneurial journey. The Online Toolset provides essential tools to start and grow your business. The NIIC Navigator® Academy provides a virtual, global community of resources and tools.

Think of it as a GPS, guiding you through the stages of starting, building and growing your business. The NIIC Navigator® recognizes that business paths change direction often. Business Builders often pivot or reimagine their businesses. For that reason, the system documents user-history in real time and reroutes paths accordingly.

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NIIC Navigator® Academy

NIIC Navigator® Academy provides ways to keep learning, linking, and collaborating as early-stage companies pivot, evolve their business models, and restart their businesses. The Academy provides a highly curated set of tools and resources to enable entrepreneurial companies and business builders to access:

  • World-class business podcasts
  • Tools to be more productive and profitable
  • Support to enhance and grow an online presence
  • Library access to motivational and inspirational business-building videos
  • Access to a forum to ask questions and get advice

The culmination of a partnership between Breakthrough4Business and The NIIC, NIIC Navigator Academy reflects a shared vision to level the entrepreneurial playing field and gives access to proven resources and encouragement to business builders. We recognize and celebrate the role small businesses play in restarting and growing our economy—locally and nationally.


Through April 2021, The NIIC will waive the sign-up and advanced-level NIIC Navigator Academy membership fees (valued at $97 per month per person) to any company, organization or micro-entrepreneur in Indiana to support their efforts to reset and reimagine their business and to assist them in activating their business. This is through generous support of a technical assistance grant from U.S. SBA’s Prime Program. One area of NIIC's focus is to launch and grow accessible resources to support microenterprises directly through The NIIC OPENS Program.

To join this online community and have the opportunity to connect to a broader network of business builders and scaling organizations globally, visit


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