WEOC Client Finds Success in Inaugural Launch

The Women’s Economic Opportunity Center (WEOC) is proud to announce the launch of WEOC clients, Live On Goods™. Mary, Gretchen, Maria, Helen, and Laura, it’s hard working and talented founders launched their products Tuesday, May 17, 2016.

bonTop Live On Goods

“The reason we started this company is because we could not find an appropriate adult clothing protector for our senior parents or our young friends with physical disabilities. Our solution is the bonTop™, the stylish adult clothing protector. The name was inspired by bon appetite – good food, good times.”

So what does Live On Goods do? What do they provide? Located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Live On Goods products “allow adults to have a social and enjoyable life.”

Go take a peek at their website and see the result of their hard work and dedication. Congratulations Live On Goods™!


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