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Welcome to the Women’s Economic Opportunity Center (WEOC) Blog! We’re very excited to launch our blog as an extension for us to hear from YOU, the entrepreneur.

You might be wondering a couple of things like, what exactly is WEOC? What do we have to offer you? What the heck does any of this even mean? Well let’s tackle these questions for you:

Who are we? We are WEOC (Women’s Economic Opportunity Center). We’re a grant-funded organization that can offer you and your growing business resources and opportunities here in the Greater Fort Wayne area.

What do WE offer YOU? Many things! We have certified practitioners that can offer assessments in the leading personal measurement indexes. Sounds fancy right? Because it is! Our business coaches can offer insights and information on your growing business for FREE and refer you to one of the many classes and workshops we offer.

Our So What? Who Cares? Why You? Series from the Wendy Kennedy International Organization is one such workshop. Other classes include Bootstrapping 101, Using Your Strengths, and Overcoming Failure.

What the heck does this even mean? It means that we here at WEOC are here for YOU. We want you to come to us with the desire to grow your business. It also means that we want to hear from YOU. We greatly value your feedback and input.

With that said, let’s finish this post up with a question: What are you interested in? What would you like from us? Go ahead, leave us a comment!

-WEOC Staff

“The way to achieve your own success is to be willing to help somebody else get it first.” -Iyanla Vanzant


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