Test Then Invest (Marketing Series Part 1)


Danielle McDowell, Executive Director of The Speak Easy, speaks at Startup Study Hall in Indianapolis – April 20, 2016 (Photo caption by Odalys Miranda, Northeast Indiana Innovation Center)

Once Upon a Time, at the Speak Easy in Indianapolis, the Startup Ladies hosted a successful Startup Study Hall for local entrepreneurs.

Danielle McDowell takes the podium, or in this case filing cabinet, to discuss a relatively simple question: What is the marketing strategy for your startup? Using her past marketing strategies as reference points, she lays the foundation for what entrepreneurs should be doing to promote marketing in their businesses. With this being the age of social media and short attention spans, we learn from her some key strategies in choosing the right social media platform for your business, the need for a quick elevator pitch, and the benefits of investing your time.

So how exactly do you decide what media platform is right for you? You Test then Invest! As a current or potential business owner, you may have the aspirations of marketing through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat (or whatever!) to reach the biggest audience you possibly can. Let me share with you some words of wisdom on this: just because all of these platforms are available to you, DOESN’T MEAN YOU HAVE TO USE ALL OF THEM! Your business could get more out of using Facebook than Twitter, or vice versa.

More often than not, the person in charge of social media is you. On top of handling your business’ day to day tasks, you’d have to think about splitting your talents in so many ways, when instead you could be mastering one media platform and taking the world by storm!

SOCIAL MEDIA IS A TOOL, NOT A STRATEGY. Test which platforms are best for you, and invest your time on the right one. A little bit of time now can save you hours in the long run.

So let’s get to engaging! Which social media platform best works for you? Why? Any tips? Remember, your insights could help someone further their business.


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