Making Fort Wayne a Musical Place to Live: Sweetwater Sound Spotlight

Sweetwater Promotes Entrepreneurship

Born from entrepreneurial roots, Sweetwater Sound has supported the NIIC and its entrepreneurial endeavors for many years. Including being a 5-year Club Sponsor for our Ideas@Work movement.

Music to Our Ears

Sweetwater Sound is well-known for serving the music community, both locally and nationally.  Chuck Surack, Founder and President of Sweetwater, began the company in 1979 with just one goal in mind—to satisfy customers.

From new and exciting products to world-class public events, Sweetwater has done just that—earning a reputation among the music community as the go-to place for equipment, lessons, repairs, recording, and most importantly, top-of-the-line customer service!

Sweetwater offers a unique one-stop shopping experience where a customer can work together with professional Sweetwater Sales Engineers to find the equipment or part that they need along with the advice and post-sale support that they desire.

Sweetwater also goes above and beyond to offer all the extras, including: an extensive online database of technical support information, frequent clinics and workshops (many for FREE!), the country’s largest collection of music gear under one roof, expert level 55-point inspections, professionally designed recording rooms, an exclusive FREE 2-year warranty on most products, and some of the fastest shipping in the music industry.

The success of Sweetwater is a shining light for start-up companies and business builders throughout Fort Wayne, and we feel privileged to have such a prime example of entrepreneurial success as one of our 5-year sponsors!


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