#MyGivingStory – Inspiring Entrepreneurial Stories

Passion. Grit. Legacy. Overcoming fear. Hesitancy. Feeling overwhelmed. These contradictory words describe the ups and downs aspiring business builders in our community face when building and growing a successful and sustainable venture. This is why they reach out to The NIIC/WEOC for a hand-up to access important business-building services. We walk alongside them in their […]

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Why embracing a ‘startup mentality’ is good for business

Startups (and their fearless band of business builders) are often synonymous with their scrappy can-do attitudes, creativity, and sense of innovation. They execute to bring an idea to life through a mission-driven culture. One of the most prolific writers and professors on entrepreneurship, Steve Blank, once said, “a startup is “a temporary organization designed to look […]

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U.S. SBA Small Business Resource Guide, Indiana 2019-2020

The U.S. SBA Small Business Resource Guide for Indiana is now available for download (or get a printed copy from WEOC at The NIIC).  Various resources are available to women business builders throughout the state. “This is a great tool for all Indiana entrepreneurs, no matter where they are in the small business life cycle,” […]


The Hershey Company: From Trials to Triumph

Halloween and candy go hand in hand, like peanut butter and jelly. Whether you’re giving out candy or have a kid trick-or-treating, you can’t escape the ubiquity of the Hershey Company products. Here is a quick quizlet for you to ponder? How many Hershey brands are there? What share of the U.S. chocolate market does […]

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The morally courageous leader

There are over 4.7 billion Google hits on the topic of leadership, but only 1.1% of those Google web hits speak about moral courage. How do you show up when there’s a lot on the line? How do you react under criticism or intense pressure at work? When your team finds itself in a bind, what […]

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