Surviving–and even thriving–after 5 years

No doubt you have heard the statistics that about 50 percent of businesses fail after the first five years. Entrepreneurship is not for the weak. However, what separates those who survive and even thrive from those who close shop? Surely there are some commonalities. Here are some factors experts believe can make you resilient (or at least […]

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Second Act: Advice for Domain Experts Turned Mature Entrepreneurs

“In fact, the romanticized narrative of the young, mostly male, high tech wizard accounts for the smallest constellation in the universe of entrepreneurs – only about five to seven percent.” Carl Schramm reminds us all of this important fact in his new book Burn the Business Plan. So why is it, most communities are focusing […]

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3 Ways Women Can Overcome Imposter Syndrome

Entrepreneurs often suffer from imposter syndrome—and it makes sense. Last year, I wrote a blog discussing Imposter Syndrome. As you might recall, I shared that several studies of successful people show between 40-70% feel like an imposter range at one time or another. In both the research on gender in entrepreneurship and in my interactions […]


To raise or not to raise prices

“To be, or not to be, that is the question.” No, for the entrepreneur, the question is to charge or not charge or to raise prices or not to raise prices. Shakespeare’s Hamlet is no startup operation. When you take basics of marketing class, you learn about the “four P’s and the C.” Among them […]

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Minority Entrepreneurs are a Key Driver in​ a Better Future

Kauffman Foundation concluded the following, “Minority entrepreneurs, especially Black and Hispanic business owners, are still underrepresented among business owners in the U.S.” This economic empowerment call to action reminds us of the compelling business case to build, grow and invest in minority entrepreneurs. Kauffman identified three major gaps (3Ms) including management, money, and markets. By […]

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