Don’t fear automation: 3 ways business builders can embrace it

In 2017, I gave a talk on the power of technology to dislocate 80 million jobs from workplace automation and how pharmacists could be displaced by vending machines and how self-driving vehicles could transform transportation, distribution and logistics. I ended my talk with three core engagement principles – committing to long-term creative destruction strategies, leveraging culture building […]

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Authenticity sells: How to craft an intentional customer experience

There is a reason the average net promoter score in the United States is 10. High quality, world-class customer experiences are an exception, not the rule. So, what makes for remarkable customer experiences? An emotional connection and interactions to/with the brand; Something memorable, “sticky”, different, or a wow (unexpected); and An underlying feeling of acknowledged value […]

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Opportunity Risk Assessment: Going beyond the numbers

Too often, innovators sort and evaluate their ideas as they develop them. The better method is to inventory all of your ideas before you start to evaluate them. By prematurely conducting an evaluation of your ideas as you ideate them, you stunt the likely creativity and energy that can come from a robust and innovative […]


Want to follow your passion? Know your talents and gifts first

There’s a prevailing notion that if you follow your passion, you’ll succeed in business. This might be an oversimplification. Others say to be a rock star business builder you have to add perseverance to passion. No matter that you think, in order to follow your heart, you must take a step back and examine your […]

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How to Win Friends and Influence People (Online)

In 1936, Dale Carnegie published an incredibly valuable and influential best selling self-help book, How to Win Friends and Influence People and an adaptation book of the same title focused on the digital age to capitalize on creating a vibrant digital and connected network. If there’s one marketing trend that’s had a good run in […]

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