Invention Doesn’t Always Lead to Innovation: Celebrating Local Success

A 2016 Forbes article makes clear it is not how much you spend on R&D that makes you innovative but how you spend to address both technical and market risk. The handy math is: innovation = invention + customer value + business model. Location, as they say, is everything not only in real estate but in innovation, […]

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What I learned at The 2018 ACA Summit in Boston

The movie Jerry Maguire and its character Rod Tidwell remind us of what happens when you are unhappy with your existing contract. He jumps up and down uttering the words “show me the money” and asks Jerry to repeat the same words to ensure he is on the same page. “Show me the money”, in the angel capital world, reminds […]

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The Trifecta of Professional Presence

Professional presence is powerful in today’s world. It is something you cannot learn early enough and welcomes an occasional reminder. I am spring-boarding on three key ideas presented during a pre Ideas@Work Event student session offered through The NIIC’s Student Venture Lab. First and foremost, let’s recognize that students are the face of the next […]


Why veterans make great entrepreneurs

According to an SBA report entitled “Veteran-Owned Businesses and Their Owners”, small business firms owned by veterans employed 5.03 million people, had an annual payroll of $195 billion and receipts of $1.14 trillion. The veteran-owned firms represented 9.1 percent of all U.S. businesses. That means former military members owns about one out of ten firms! […]

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Ending on a Sour Note: Why Gibson Brands ultimately failed

Gibson Brands Inc. made headlines this month with news of its plans to file bankruptcy. Their financial woes are not unique, but what is, is the root of their failure. They likely went bankrupt because they were too fixated on innovation while not acknowledging the changing times. Some experts believe the failure of the company […]

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