Your BIG IDEA , Three Tips from the Man Behind The Million Dollar Arm

Wouldn’t it be great if million-dollar ideas grew on trees? They take hard work, ingenuity, and often lead you outside your comfort zone. For sports agent and entrepreneur J.B. Bernstein, his breakthrough came from looking through a new lens at something as traditional as baseball. Drawing on his unique cross-cultural experience, Bernstein created The Million Dollar Arm contest […]

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Would You Like Fries With That?

Courtesy of Pixzolo Photography Despite what you think of the quality of their food, the customer experience you enjoy or the business model challenges facing quick-service restaurants, U.S. based quick-service restaurant (QSR) chains are increasingly vying for market share, and the top three are competing neck and neck with each other, according to the most […]

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Crowdfunding—is it right for you?

Access to capital is a vexing issue for many serious entrepreneurs and business builders. Some see crowdfunding as a free way to raise funds (not true). It is a way to fundraise for a project, non-profit organization or business using an online platform and social media channels. Various forms of crowdfunding exist. Equity, reward, debt […]


Redefining success through the lens of ​ vulnerability

In the business world, success is most often measured by “hardcore” KPI’s (key performance indicators) – measures including, but not limited to EBITDA growth, quarterly earnings against prior periods, top-line organic growth, the mix of sales by channel or partner or orders backlog. However, this performance-driven mindset can come with real costs to mental and […]

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What constitutes a culture powered by learning agility?

Companies today place a strong emphasis on culture, workplace flexibility, and perks as points of difference in bolstering talent attraction and retention. But there’s another driver that’s often overlooked— and that is the importance of an adaptive and agile learning culture. I have been fascinated since the 1990s in the learning organization. One of the first […]

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