Launching a product has never been easier…or is it?

So, you have an excellent idea for a new product? Exciting times are ahead, no doubt. However, you also have your work cut out for you to take yours from concept to reality. Today, there is a strong emphasis on speed to market, reducing development times and commercializing in ways that are faster, cheaper, better, […]

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Leaning into the future of work

The nature of how we work has changed in the last decade. Remote work has become the new norm, a reality that companies must embrace if they are looking to attract the best and the brightest. As PwC’s 2019 global survey of CEOs revealed, the availability of talent is one of the top three threats to the […]

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Stuck? Here’s how to get unstuck.

It can happen to the best of us. Our business may be in growth mode for a period of time, and then we lose momentum for one reason or another. Plateaus happen. Companies are not immune to big fluctuations in their business cycle. The challenge is knowing how to spot, assess, and plan for these […]


What it Takes to Be an Entrepreneur, 5 Tips to Stay Grounded

Successful entrepreneurs share certain qualities and behaviors. Embracing those may help you stay grounded and propel your success. The NIIC had the privilege to host Fort Wayne, Indiana native Angie Hicks, founder of the home services website Angie’s List, as a keynote speaker for our NIIC Ideas@Work Event. Her story is inspiring and encouraging. Her connection with […]

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Thinking big: how to penetrate a national market

Photo by Shutterstock Many of Fort Wayne’s home-grown success stories started small, with a local or regional account base. Take Sweetwater Sound, for example. Founder Chuck Surack set up shop out of a bus. Their website captures this incredible success story when it observes, “Back in 1979, Chuck Surack had a 4-track recording studio in the back of […]

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