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BKD Impacts Small Businesses and Business Builders

At the NIIC, we’ve seen firsthand the difference that BKD CPAs and Advisors can make in helping small businesses and business builders to reach their goals and grow. That’s why we feel so honored to have BKD as a 5-year Club Sponsor for our Ideas@Work movement.

Our primary goal at the NIIC is to serve as a top entrepreneurial resource in Northeast Indiana, serving businesses at every stage of the game. BKD is helping us do that by not only supporting our mission but also providing additional help and resources to the businesses within our community.

National Advisors With Local Support

Do you need help reaching your business goals? BKD CPAs and Advisors can help! As a national CPA and advisory firm, BKD offers a wide variety of professional services ranging from risk management to valuation services and accounting to cybersecurity.

BKD also has experience in industries all across the spectrum: Architecture & Engineering, Agribusiness, Health Care, Manufacturing & Distribution, Nonprofit, Technology & Communications, and Transportation & Logistics just to name a few.

And don’t worry—just because BKD is a national company doesn’t mean that you won’t receive personalized service. BKD’s downtown Fort Wayne location is ready to serve you with expert advice right in your own backyard. If you’re not convinced that BKD can help you, a visit to BKD’s client success stories page is sure to be an eye-opener! Simply select your industry and what you need help with on BKD’s homepage to find out how BKD can help you grow today!


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