NIIC Navigator® – Lessons from Alone

Larry Rottmeyer, PhD, Director of Innovation Education, The NIIC

Alone is one of the most popular television series on The History Channel. Completing its seventh season this year, Alone details the wilderness experiences of 10 individuals who are left to survive a harsh, sometimes hostile, environment. Experiences are self-documented and the goal is to be the last remaining survivor. Each contestant is limited to 10 survival items of their choice, plus a provided emergency kit and a few other items. As the series title implies, each individual is left completely alone.

Alone offers many learning experiences about amazing adventures and unique, challenging experiences. In another context, entrepreneurs also encounter new challenges in their own adventures. It is not uncommon for a business builder to experience aloneness. This brings its own set of advantages and challenges.

A few observations from Alone seem particularly relevant to startup adventures:

  1. Life experiences and training prepare you for new challenges and adventures.
  2. A broad base of survival skills are vital to success.
  3. Take time to prepare for the experience.
  4. Your mindset and natural skills should match the adventure.
  5. You don’t need much to get started.
  6. Start with only a few needed essentials.
  7. Establish your home base right away.
  8. New challenges bring lots of uncertainties.
  9. Beware of predators.
  10. Protect yourself from the environment.
  11. Hunt for what you need to survive.
  12. You can build new things as you go.
  13. Mind the gaps and fill the voids.
  14. Be proactive and reactive
  15. Learn to pace yourself and conserve needed energy.
  16. Focus on the most important tasks for your sustainability.
  17. Document your experiences and adventures.
  18. Recognize when you need to call for help.
  19. New adventures are not for everyone.
  20. You can survive alone for only so long.

Business builders are usually independent. Yet, you don’t have to go it alone. We are here to help and support you. Include our NIIC Navigator® in your business builder adventure. NIIC Navigator offers a learning management system and an academy. Learn more by visiting our website or contact us at info@niic.net.


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