Networking Doesn’t Have To Be Scary


Photo from Pexels.com

Fort Wayne offers many networking events including One Million Cups, Ocean NEI, and my personal upcoming favorite, the Women’s Entrepreneurial Opportunity Center’s Caffeinated Conversations on March 14th at The NIIC. For some, networking is looked at as a great way to gain connections to others in the community, tell others about their business, and simply to get to know others. For some, it is a daunting activity that is dreaded, stressful, and avoided. For entrepreneurs, networking is extremely important since knowing other people as well as other people knowing their business is what brings them revenue. I recently met with a budding entrepreneur who, when I approached the subject of networking, became wide-eyed and fearful, saying she preferred not to. She explained how scary it was for her to have to talk to other people and have them judge her and her business idea. I agree that networking can be scary, but there are ways to overcome your fears.

1. Decide on a certain number of people to introduce yourself to before you go. You don’t have to get to know EVERYONE in the room, but have a set number of people that you will absolutely talk to. I recently attended an event and decided that I would make two new connections. I purposely sat by two people I didn’t know and chatted with them before the event and during breaks.

2. Think of networking as a time to connect the people that you already know with the people that you meet. During an event last year, I met someone who needed help with marketing her business. We chatted about what she had already tried and I connected her with someone who I knew could help her with the marketing initiative she wanted to focus on. Being able to make this connection made me feel glad that I had attended the event.

3. Have 3 key questions in mind that you will ask of those you meet. Rather than trying to think quickly on your feet, think of the questions you’d like or know of anyone and everyone before speaking with them: What do they do? What do they like about what they do? Why did they decide to become an entrepreneur? Knowing what questions you will ask takes the pressure off of you to relax and actively listen to what the other person is saying to you.
Networking takes practice, just like anything else you want to do well at. The more you practice, the better you will become!

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