Larry Rottmeyer, PhD, Director of Innovation Education, The NIIC
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Can anyone be an entrepreneur? If you believe an entrepreneur can learn all that’s necessary to be a successful entrepreneur, then this may be true.

Yet, not everyone has the qualities, skills, or temperament to be an entrepreneur. Even individuals who do may be unhappy or dissatisfied being an entrepreneur. That’s okay. Sometimes, those skills and talents are better used in other settings or working for someone else.

Entrepreneurs are likely to have several characteristics, traits, and skills in common with one another. Yet, entrepreneurs are unique and have different backgrounds from one another.

  • Some obtained training and work experiences to prepare them for building new business ventures.
  • Others grew up with family businesses that have spanned several generations.
  • Others have a natural talent for it.

Passion. Research has shown that one of the vital elements of successful business builders is passion. You see this through a founder’s strong commitment and interest in launching the new venture. It is also apparent as entrepreneurs care deeply about their business and are personally and emotionally invested in its development and growth. Many care more about what they are doing than about how much money they are making.

Self-confidence is an essential trait of new business builders, given the challenges and problems to solve. Entrepreneurs are confident in making decisions and are usually self-motivated and self-reliant. They believe they will be successful and have a worthwhile goal to pursue.

Other characteristics often listed for successful entrepreneurs are risk-taking, hard-working, opportunity-focused, competitive, creative, willing to learn, and forward-looking. Some people have these characteristics. Others do not.

Finally, a broad set of skills is needed to launch new ventures. Such skills range from management and marketing to operations and communications. All of these contribute to entrepreneurial success. These skills are learned through additional training and life/work experiences.

Much of what is needed to be a successful entrepreneur can be learned. An entrepreneur can be developed, just as a new business venture can be created and launched.

However, being an entrepreneur is not for everyone. It may be more important to learn to be entrepreneurial-minded in your personal and work life, wherever you are called and serve.

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