#MyGivingStory – Inspiring Entrepreneurial Stories

Karl R. LaPan, President & CEO, The NIIC

Passion. Grit. Legacy. Overcoming fear. Hesitancy. Feeling overwhelmed.

These contradictory words describe the ups and downs aspiring business builders in our community face when building and growing a successful and sustainable venture. This is why they reach out to The NIIC/WEOC for a hand-up to access important business-building services. We walk alongside them in their entrepreneurial journeys.

Whether it is …

  • a multi-generational family business fostering innovation and commercialization services by inventing quiet and efficient motors for military and commercial applications – Jeff and his siblings at Erickson Motors, MCC Engines & Engineering Services
  • revolutionizing and transforming the fintech industry through bill payment services for consumers – Ralph and his talented team at Allied Payment Network
  • improvements and engagement in a more robust and purposeful goal-setting process – Jack at Stre.me
  • digital marketing strategic support and high impact nonprofit fundraising campaign and community development services – Virginia at Tilde Multimedia Firm

You’ve heard the axiom, if you have met one entrepreneur, you have met one entrepreneur.  While we group them as entrepreneurs or business builders, each has a personal story.

Each cares about a few important things.

  1. Making a difference in the world
  2. Establishing their companies in Northeast Indiana because they are proud of their hometown and community
  3. Relentless focus on transforming/disrupting the status quo in big and important industries

They come from all walks of life, experience many setbacks, challenges, and obstacles along the way, yet have emerge confident and inspired to move forward. Their visions energize them and further fuel their purposes.

#MyGivingStory. For nearly 20 years, my family and I have been a “donor of record” at The NIIC. We financially support The NIIC because we love what it does. We care about the programs offered to assist budding business builders. The NIIC has successfully fundraised from the government, its own fee for service programs, foundations and corporations. Yet, individual and family giving is a critical component of philanthropic and The NIIC’s future.

We believe in The NIIC’s mission, and more importantly, in the business builders operationalizing the purpose of The NIIC. Through all walks of entrepreneurial life. We recognize each business builder has a personalized entrepreneurial journey and story. The NIIC is an enabler, walking alongside our business builders to help them realize their full entrepreneurial, human, and community potential.

This is why we give to The NIIC. We invest in the hometown team – creating higher quality, higher-paying jobs, and cool companies for Northeast Indiana. We are NIIC proud!

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