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Tammy Allen, Director | Marketing & Programs, The NIIC
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One of my favorite books is Grit to Great. “G.R.I.T. – Guts, Resilience, Initiative, Tenacity.” I GET to work at a place (The NIIC) that serves entrepreneurs. They model this every day, working their businesses.

These disruptors of the ordinary are innovative spirits, who make our world better through their products and services. They make me better—challenging me to be a disruptor, too. That’s #MyGivingTuesday story, why I give.

BioPoly, LLC—Founder Herb Schwartz started his company at the kitchen table of his home. He holds more than 40 patents. He and Sheila—his wife and VP of Operations—lead the company on a mission to help patients regain active, pain-free lives. BioPoly does this through next-generation orthopedic biomaterials.

Herb later moved his company from his family’s kitchen table to The NIIC. A couple of years ago, his company moved to its own location/building. It’s ISO 13485 Certified and is based in Fort Wayne, Indiana. BioPoly has been selling product in Europe since 2012 with plans to bring the technology to the U.S. as well.

For Regina Cannady, Founder of Bounce Back of Indiana, a 501(c)(3), was not part of her original plan. She planned to start a profitable business before pivoting to Bounce Back. “(She was) inspired to keep others from experiencing the embarrassment and fear she felt when the unexpected occurred—simultaneous loss of employment for her husband and herself.”

Bounce Back of Indiana serves church members facing an unexpected financial crisis. Since September 2018, this includes 37 church partners and over 200 families.

Innovation knows no age, as proven by Mitchell and Connor Skees, Founders of 3B Apps. When these two brothers started 3B Apps, they were home school students at high school grade levels. Our mobile world combined with the high cost of apps development drove them to disruption.

They make that technology more accessible through cost-effective mobile ordering technology for businesses of all sizes. From food trucks to restaurants of all sizes. The app offers multi-lingual support (27+ supported languages).

Join Us to Support Disruptors for the Good

These are three examples of so many I could share with you. Join us in supporting business builders in Northeast Indiana. Simply donate to The NIIC #givingtuesday campaign. Scroll down and click “This is a Giving Tuesday gift”.

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