Marketing Trends for Summer 2020

Leslee Hill, Director, WEOC at The NIIC

As we continue to navigate each new phase of a COVID-19 world, marketing for businesses is more important than ever. Connecting with your ideal customers, in the right way, is the ultimate goal—and as many are still working from home, with no regular sports content, online browsing has increased.

How are you presenting your brand to potential customers? Consider focusing on these four key elements:

1) Service and Trust 

When in doubt, go back to basics. When so many things can seem out of control or in doubt, don’t let your core services and commitment to consumers be a question mark. Everyone is looking for a little more security and positivity in life, let your brand’s mission and purpose help build a community of trust.

2) Streamline Your Online Presence

Online shopping and seamless delivery are essential in today’s market. Not everyone is comfortable browsing in public spaces, and having an efficient customer journey mapped out on your website, from store to cart to payment is crucial.

3) Adaptability and Creativity 

2020 is no joke. It seems every day has some kind of new challenge to overcome or face, and marketing efforts need to be agile and innovative in response. Surprise new trends, market shifts, and vacillating demands require quick thinking and ongoing adjustments to your message.

What was once acceptable in 2019 can often seem tone-deaf or out of touch in a year of global crisis.

4) Collaborate with Community

When we join forces with other like-minded individuals, we provide a united front that attracts greater support. Currently one of the most popular ways to help grow your online following, brand collaborations are a great way to gain more exposure from combined audiences—not to mention, it’s budget-friendly.

Look for a local business to team up with to either create something unique, hold a special sale/campaign, or run a contest and give away a large prize. This is a win-win scenario for both of you as they are a powerful, cost-effective way to boost your networks.

No matter how you approach your marketing this summer, remember Gary Vaynerchuk’s advice: “The best marketing strategy ever: CARE.”


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