Taryn R. Ellis, NIIC Marketing Intern

As a Fort Wayne native, my path has crossed The NIIC’s Campus several times. Whether I have been driving through town or going to school at Purdue Fort Wayne, the mysterious brick building on the corner has always caught my eye.

A few years after I completed my undergrad degree, I found myself desiring to continue my education through Purdue University’s Master’s program. From there, I wanted to get as much hands-on marketing and communications experience as time would allow. This is how I have found myself with the great opportunity to serve as Marketing Intern at The NIIC.

The Inside

Within this first month of being here, I have been floored at the variety of programs The NIIC offers. The NIIC provides resources to the local community to help encourage entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. They want to hear the ideas people have, and they want to hear their stories. Our website explains it all under the categories of Start, Scale and Grow. The NIIC has over a 90 percent success rate with the clients that have come through this facility, and it shows. Since being employed here, I have been impressed by how many businesses I visit often that are connecting and collaborating with this best-in-class entrepreneurial resource center.

The work experience I have encountered has also been exceptional. While working under the guidance of Tammy Allen, Director of Marketing & Programs, I have been able to help develop content for digital marketing, public relations and photography. It has taken me a couple of years to figure out what brings me the most joy through work. I have come to realize that creating is my niche. Whether I am generating content or editing the latest photos from a conference, I am thankful for this time to put my creative energy into the strategies at The NIIC.

The Future

In the months to come, I hope to learn more about public relations and communications, and how to infiltrate those skills into my own career. Being authentic and transparent is key to connecting with audiences. I hope to learn how to view information from new perspectives to keep generating unique campaigns. I am embracing the quote “If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room.” I will continue to surround myself by the leaders within the company. I do not just drive by and see The NIIC through my car window anymore. I now see what’s on inside. We all know that it is what is on the inside that counts.


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