Igniting Your Passion

Karl R. LaPan, President & CEO, The NIIC

Some research studies confirm entrepreneurial passion is an indicator of likely startup success. Do you have a burning desire to improve something or someone’s life? Do you wake up thinking about the difference your entrepreneurial idea might have on people’s lives – making things better, simpler, faster, or cheaper?

If you do, your entrepreneurial passion fuels and drives you, some might say, it defines you. This burning desire to be a change-maker separates you from so many people who think about how to make things better, but never act upon it. Entrepreneurs work on it. They relentlessly pursue their idea often at high costs to themselves, their relationships, and their career. Still, through their compelling vision and their hard work ethic and against the odds, they persevere and aspire to bring their idea or innovation to the marketplace. Some people are passionate about music, horses, gardening, travel, or their dog. Still, a small segment of our population is obsessed with creating better products, improving processes, orchestrating incredible customer experiences. However, if you were Steve Jobs, believe it or not, aside from changing the world, he was passionate about calligraphy, western history, and dance.  What are you passionate about?

Answer the following questions on a scale of 1-10, 10 is Strongly Agree, and 1 is Strongly Disagree.  Once you write your number down on paper, if your ratings are not an 8 or higher, ask yourself why and what you action you could take to get closer to a 10 or ask yourself if you are prepared to be an entrepreneur or small business owner.


“Owning my own company energizes me.”


1                                                             5                                                             10


“Participating in the process of building a new venture excites me.”


1                                                             5                                                             10


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