If only…

Karl R. LaPan, President & CEO, The NIIC

Have you ever heard the expression or maybe the excuse, “if only…”? It goes something like this:  If only, I had gone to college. If only, I had inherited some money. If only, I had a second chance to work harder in college, I could have gotten a better job. Life seldom offers do-overs. Our regrets often come from the things we said no too, not the things we said yes also.

Saying yes can open you to a world of possibilities and allow you to lean into your entrepreneurial potential. Regrets can be defining moments if you let them, so don’t let “if only” thinking crush your hopes or dampen your spirits. Choose to say “there is no better time than now” to take purposeful action, seize the moment, and to access critical business building skills building a better life for you, and your family.

The key is to take action and get yourself on the entrepreneurial journey. But don’t just do something make sure you plan how to do it.  To put this into action, follow this advice and prepare a 2×2 quadrant and see if it doesn’t make you more intentional about the actions you take.


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