Goal setting: How to make it inspiring and fun

Karl R. LaPan, President & CEO, The NIIC
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Over the last year, I have made new discoveries, new connections and new commitments regarding my goals by walking alongside and learning as CEO and Founder Jack Patton and Stre.me have taken off from a hand-sketched concept to a full-blown app. Jack’s passion to make goal-setting more achievable, more approachable while building more confidence – in essence, flourishing in fulfillment of becoming a better version of yourself and reducing the friction we all feel when we are not operating at our personal best is contagious. It is also a companion and catalyst for making behavioral changes.

Is 2020 the year you crush those goals? Great! However, if you are like many people you start well-intentioned and then you derail or have a false start on forming new habits and keeping many of your commitments as the year progresses. Stre.me might be right for you if you have struggled with making a behavioral change or you are frustrated with your goal achievement performance or your personal motivation in making the necessary behavioral changes.

First, you have to start by having a few personal things squared away. Could your current habits be helping or hindering your progress? For one, you have to know what success looks like. What does the “ideal” look like in terms of health, productivity, finances, social life — wherever your priorities lie? Your goals must be in concert with these values otherwise you may be chasing the wrong pursuits — and end up even more frustrated.

Second, dream big but start small is one of our key foundational coaching statements at The NIIC. As the saying goes, “if your goals don’t scare you, they’re not big enough.” The loftier the goal, the more you demand of yourself. So, let’s say you’d like to boost profits by 25 percent this year or hire five additional staff members. Experts would suggest doubling or even tripling the number when goal setting. The point here is to stretch yourself so you don’t get complacent. What’s the worst-case scenario that can happen? Even if you don’t hit the mark, you’ll likely still end up further along than you are today.

Related to that philosophy, set very clear KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) for your business or team. At the start of every month (or quarter), sit down with your colleagues, a mentor, or even go it alone to write down clear goals for whatever metrics matter most to you and your business (revenue growth, new product introductions, hiring and selecting staff, buying synergistic companies). Then don’t back down!

Next, don’t forget about the human element in goal setting — we’re humans, not machines. We need adequate rest, exercise, healthy food, social interaction, etc. We can’t run on E 24/7. Something’s gotta give eventually. You might consider allocating for planned or unexpected time out of the office when plotting out your goals. And after all, research tells us that people who take vacations are more productive at work. Paying attention to your wheel of life (by taking this interactive online assessment), or downloading this worksheet with powerful reflection questions might be helpful in achieving balance and rhythm in your life.

The more intentional you are in your planning; the easier goals are to achieve. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be a straight trajectory. Stre.me’s app coupled with an advisor, mentor or coach can help you chart your course. When you come to The NIIC, our coaching, advisory, and business services can match you with subject-matter experts, serial entrepreneurs, life coaches, and service providers. Mentors are chosen based on their expertise as it relates to your needs, business challenges, and strategic opportunities. Contact us today to learn more about our business-building services at The NIIC.


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