From an Outsider to an Insider at The NIIC – Internship Blog

Noah Antrim, NIIC Marketing Intern

Starting my job as a marketing intern at The NIIC nearly a month ago has proven to be one of the best learning experiences I could imagine. My job has involved everything from learning strategic movements in meetings, to designing event graphics and learning how to convey an overall message throughout a campaign (pretty cool stuff). Saying this, my goal is not to take too much time explaining my experiences. Instead, I want to relate with people that may see The NIIC as just a landlord or building, but do not know what goes on here.

Just a month ago I was an outsider, and this place does so many amazing things that could have helped me in my long-term career a lot sooner if I would have known about them. Therefore, I am going to compare the differences I have noticed before and after the start of my internship.

Outsider Perspective

As a student at Purdue University Fort Wayne, I frequently drove by this mysterious building across the street from campus. I knew it vaguely had something to do with innovation, but had no clue what went on in that large red-roofed building. I was intrigued when I saw a flyer on campus that stated The NIIC had something to do with helping entrepreneurs and business builders. It all sounded good, but my skepticism led me to believe there had to be a catch. An organization that assists entrepreneurs with different phases of business seemed like there had to be some type of stipulation attached. So, I never really gave The NIIC a chance, and started a Tee-shirt printing company without even knowing/considering that the building across the road from campus was meant to help businesses grow. I simply was not aware what The NIIC could offer.

Insider Perspective

After my first week working within the walls of The NIIC, it was clear that an extensive amount of time and effort is not only encouraged but is expected. The NIIC’s goal is to be the rocket fuel for great ideas, people, and businesses. That is an extremely large task to take on.

All of the employees are truly passionate about the mission and exemplify a lot of the traits that a good entrepreneur should possess. Therefore, if a local business owner is looking to maximize potential, it seems like nonsense to not try utilizing these resources right? It seems as if the biggest challenge between the outside and inside is the extent of what The NIIC can provide for businesses. Instead of using up a page to list out the different services The NIIC offers, below is a link to a graphic representation of different ways The NIIC can help businesses at all phases https://theniic.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/NIIC-Fact-Sheet-FINAL.pdf. This does a great job of laying out all of the services available for someone feels like I did before I got involved in this organization.

Going Forward

The Northeast Indiana Innovation Center is here to help this community thrive. If you or a friend own a business and think there is potential to utilize some of The NIIC’s resources, please go to our website to find out more information.


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