Entrepreneurial options enhance odds of success

JG Column, as published by Fort Wayne Journal Gazette


Karl R. LaPan, President & CEO of the Northeast Indiana Innovation Center

“I was disappointed to read the comment in the Oct. 3 news story, ‘Investing in area entrepreneurs,’ relative to wanting ‘aspiring entrepreneurs tinkering in their basements and garages to find out what the program can offer. They don’t have to be in a local co-working space, such as the Northeast Indiana Innovation Center, to receive help from Elevate Northeast Indiana.'”

While it is true there is no requirement to be in any program to receive their help, this statement shows a lack of understanding about what we actually offer at the NIIC for entrepreneurs and how we guide entrepreneurs to success.

We think there are a number of factors entrepreneurs should consider.

Several things happen before accepting funding. The preoccupation with investment-backed start-ups ignores the majority of services entrepreneurs need before accepting money from investors. Forty-one years ago, Apple started in a garage. To generate the $1,350 in capital used to start Apple, Steve Jobs sold his microbus and Steve Wozniak sold his calculator.

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