Enterprising Women–Stand and Be Recognized

by Tania D. Vanderlaan, Interim Director, Women's Entrepreneurial Opportunity Center (WEOC)

Every entrepreneurial story is unique and different.  As women, we might avoid the limelight, even when it’s well deserved. We don’t ‘toot our horn’ enough.

Let’s change that! WEOC is all about motivating and inspiring women, and we’ve met some amazing business owners since our inception. We learned about a female entrepreneurship award and encourage you to nominate yourself or a peer. Why keep your success or that of a friend a secret? It would be wonderful to see Northeast Indiana women entrepreneurs honored on a national level.

The 2018 Enterprising Women of the Year Award recognizes women who demonstrate that they have a financially strong and growing women-owned business, are a leader in the community, and give back to mentor and support other women or girls. Nominations are open on their website. The deadline to submit a nomination is November 15, so now is the time to act. Small and large businesses alike are considered in six categories based on total annual sales revenue.

Here’s the exciting part! Honorees will be recognized at the Gala Awards Dinner March 6 during the 16th Annual Enterprising Women of the Year Awards Celebration & Conference at the Four Seasons Hotel in Miami, Florida. The Enterprising Women of the Year Award is considered one of the most prestigious recognition programs for women entrepreneurs worldwide. Award winners receive recognition for themselves and their businesses through local, national, and international publicity. Every winner and finalist will be profiled in Enterprising Women magazine.

All the best to you as you pursue your entrepreneurial journey!


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