Does your business really need marketing?

Tammy Y. Allen, Director, Marketing & Programs, The NIIC
WEOC Launch Women Business Builders Marketing Workshop – photo provided by WEOC at The NIIC


-Business founders solve problems or pain points. In its simplest form, marketing is how founders connect clients to the solution that is their company. Marketing is our June 2019 guiding theme for The NIIC and WEOC.

Recently I got to lead a marketing discussion with WEOC Launch Women Business Builders. Working directly with clients inspires me anew each time. Our robust discussion focused on what they do and how it’s working for them; what they could do for greater impact; and actively managing their future marketing.

Here are three tips and case studies to consider for your business.

  1. Know your audience.

About a year ago, we were considering a marketing campaign to re-brand WEOC. The program had changed significantly since founded a few years prior. We conducted research, contacting every client we had served since WEOC’s inception. Our objectives were to assess the overall client experience and perception.

We heard our clients loud and clear. There was low-level awareness about WEOC and what it offered. The client experiences varied.

Instead of launching a new marketing campaign, we decided to relaunch WEOC in Northeast Indiana (one of only two U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Women’s Business Centers in Indiana).

Know your audience. Not sure what they think? Ask them. Don’t want to ask all of them? Start with 10-20 and ensure you include a good mix.

  1. Be consistent.

For the 2019 NIIC Ideas@Work Movement social media strategy, our objectives were to increase engagement and brand exposure. To visualize and better connect with the business builders we sought to engage, we created personas for them—including naming them.  With these in mind, we more effectively developed consistent messages to interact with them.

Remember, consistency is about rhythm, too. Determine the pace and timing of your interactions. Be intentional.

  1. Assess and adjust.

At The NIIC, we recognize that our clients risk or dedicate just about everything to make their ventures succeed. They need a partner who is on their team to walk along-side them. We created our “Substance” campaign to connect with clients about partnering for their success. It’s solid. We are a community of substance. For people of substance. We help entrepreneurs launch and businesses grow.

Late last year, we re-assessed our strategy and adjusted it. We are implementing new tactics and focusing more on bringing our clients and their stories to the forefront.

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