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Karl R. LaPan, President & CEO, The NIIC

Creativity is not something exclusive to artists types. Business builders across any discipline can benefit from harnessing the power of creativity. After all, without creativity and commercialization of good ideas, most companies would not grow or be relevant. One of the things I learned, earlier this year, at the Disney Customer Experience Summit is, “creative processes must not end when business processes begin; the two are interdependent.”

Let’s look at three strategies (and also look at this recent issue of Forbes magazine for some specific strategies you might adopt) around creativity that can serve you and your organization this year:

1) Brainstorm, ideate and generate ideas

Creative thinking is not a straight, linear trajectory. Innovators adapt the solution to the problem, not the other way around that can be counter-productive. What pain points need to be addressed? Creative product owners/business builders take an objective approach when accounting for user behaviors and preferences while being open-minded to more efficient ways of doing things. They put all options on the table before making a determination. They know that the most straight-forward one isn’t necessarily the best.

2) Collaborate

While some experts posit that collaborators need to be like-minded and partnerships free of conflict, that’s not a recipe for growth. When you align forces with someone at odds with your position, it can help refine/cement our own beliefs and values. Sometimes we need people to challenge our assumptions to help us get the creative juices flowing.

3) Unplug and Pause

Our brains (and bodies) aren’t made for being “on” 24/7 and around people at all hours of the day. There’s a reason your brain can feel like mush after a long day at the office. We need downtime to recover mentally and physically, but also arrive at innovative solutions. It’s the reason why so many artists and writers practice their craft in solitude. The brain needs time to process the day’s events, and that requires hitting the “pause button” and retreating to your personal space. Find time every day to pursue a creative endeavor, take a walk or allow your mind to wander.

Start Now – Carpe Diem

While we know less than 8% of those that make New Year’s resolutions will follow through, I challenge you to adopt one of these habits into your everyday routine. If you’re thinking about taking your organization and its culture to a higher level, or contemplating how to engage better and maximize team engagement and results, The NIIC ‘s part-time CINO services can catalyze your internal innovation efforts. Consider outsourcing CINO responsibilities, and your organization could experience greater flexibility and potentially faster results.

Contact me if you are interested in looking at innovation education, commercialization assistance, ideation and other services to catalyze your 2019 business opportunities.


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