Is CEO Rhythms Forum a Good Fit for You?

Todd Schrock, Advisor with The CEO Advantage

“Growth-oriented companies need inspiration, accountability and a peer group…I believe CEO Rhythms Forum will create this learning community and accelerate your personal and professional success.” –Karl R. LaPan, President & CEO, Northeast Indiana Innovation Center


Introducing CEO Rhythms Forum for the overlooked middle:   

  • Leaders: CEO, President, Owner 
  • of an emerging business (20 – 100 Employees)
  • located in or near Northeast Indiana

CEO Rhythms Forum: a new opportunity for those with the unique challenge of owning or running businesses of 20-100 employees.

You might be a good fit for joining a CEO Rhythms Forum if you:

  • want to speed up your professional growth and work on the business, not just in it;
  • are open to experienced advisor and peer perspectives; or
  • already know how difficult it is to get solid, practical advice for the unique challenges of businesses at this stage.

On the other hand, you might not be a good fit yet for joining a CEO Rhythms Forum if you:

  • are just looking for a networking, selling, or socializing group;
  • are not open to sharing lessons from your successes (and mistakes) with peers; or
  • still believe there is a silver bullet that can easily solve your most difficult and pesky issues.


Are you ready to explore further? 

Is it worth your time to talk?

  1. Contact me: 260 385-8990 or ToddSchrock@theCEOadvantage.com
  2. Also, check out the articles in this blog series to see if a few touch on issues you and your company currently face.

Dealing with the 3 Deadly Distractions by leveraging the 3 Leadership Opportunities is the starting point for building success into your company at this stage, whether or not your ultimate goal is:

  • consistent, cash-flow sustainable profits;
  • building a business to sell; or
  • growing your business well into the mid-market or beyond.

The articles in this series will present an overview of these critical issues. Several may be key priorities for your company at this point.

Join us in the CEO RhythmsForum to explore these topics, and more importantly, to learn and share what to do (and avoid) in order to successfully overcome these common challenges.

About the Facilitator

Since 2001, Todd Schrock has advised CEOs and Executive Teams of emerging and mid-market organizations in the retail, manufacturing, distribution, real estate, service, agricultural, investment management, education, environmental, and non-profit sectors. Some have been family businesses; some have been turnaround situations.

Along the way, he has also filled CEO and CFO roles, as well as executed a variety of financial projects for clients.

Todd started his career as a CPA in Peoria, Illinois, after receiving a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from the University of Illinois. He is also licensed as a CEO Advantage™ advisor and certified in the Action CFO™ process.


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