Breaking Barriers—it’s all about you!

Karl R. LaPan, President & CEO, The NIIC

Graphic by Shutterstock

Starting a business isn’t easy. Everyone you know tells you are crazy, stupid, or insane. Yet, you see around corners, and you have a passion that will not go away.

Investors tell you it will not work. Customers want it to look and function differently than how you designed it. You’re not sure who to believe.

You know where there is smoke there is fire. You know the entrepreneurial journey is for you.

Before you commit fully to what it will take to be a successful micro-entrepreneur, take time to self-assess to make sure you are ready.

Lillian Vernon built a successful direct marketing company and knew what it would take to make it a success. Before embarking on your journey, please take a few minutes and inventory your responses to her 10 questions.



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