Are you a Compassionate​ & Conscious Capitalist?


If you’re in business for the sole purpose of making money, you’re are ignoring other important stakeholders vital to a healthy business and positive bottom line. However, if your motivation is to help people first (make a difference, pay it forward) and foremost while making a living at the same time, you’re onto something.

I believe capitalism and intentional altruism can and do intersect. Enter conscious capitalism. Think about organizations like Zappos, Chick-Fil-A, and Whole Foods, but what does this conscious capitalism really look like? Allow me to provide some context. This breed of business people tend to exhibit the following qualities or traits and live their values:

  1. A mindset of abundance: Do you believe that you have enough or (or more than enough) right now? Those who think their “cup runneth over” and can share resources (time, talent, treasure) with others tend to be more charitable than those who hold onto self-limiting beliefs. It might also turn out that they might also be more successful financially. Attitude matters and is contagious.
  2. Boundary setting and “hard no’s”: It can be hard to say “no,” but taking on clients or projects that do not align with your values or business model is detrimental in the end to both parties. Compassionate capitalists are able to discern when a “no” serves the greater good. Buffet and Collins often remind us that saying no distinguishes super-successful people from successful people.
  3. Going above and beyond: Compassionate capitalists tend to live their life as servant leaders (with gratitude) and are always willing to go the extra mile. Instead of a “what’s in it for me?” (WIIFM) Mindset, they ask, “how might I help?” or “how might I give back?”. People who practice this habit stand out, which in turn helps them to attract the right people, the right projects, and achieve higher personal job satisfaction. Do you have a higher purpose, aspiration and a “pay it forward” sense of giving?

If you can incorporate even one of these principles into your life and business, I imagine you’d find great satisfaction in deeper relationships and also potentially a more robust bottom line. And this behavior has the power to inspire others, creating a chain reaction that can only add to our society as a whole. Intentionally choose to be both a conscious and compassionate capitalist leader in your business.


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