3 Tips for Successful Events

Tammy Sipe, Conference Center Manager & Executive Assistant, The NIIC

I love my job as Conference Center Manager at The NIIC, because I get to work with clients to help translate event ideas into realities. So, what can make or break an event? In my experience helping clients plan and execute successful events, I’ve found a few common themes:

1.      Details, details, details…

A meeting for a group of 10 people for a roundtable discussion for two hours is very different from a group of 10 people for a multi-day, strategic planning meeting. Find the right room size and configuration to accommodate your needs and meeting format. Also, what will you need to facilitate your meeting—plasma screen, white boards, flip charts, etc.? Think through the desired outcomes of your meeting to ensure details are covered. They really do make a difference.

2.      Technology

There’s also the technical element. Preparation is everything. We advise those using our conference center to test their equipment (computer) with our projector or plasma screen in advance of their event. Our rooms are HDMI friendly. This helps them relax knowing that they have what is needed for a smoothly run event. Those who test their equipment in advance are better prepared and more relaxed for their events.

3.      Happy bellies = happy people

Hangry people make for a distracted, less productive, less enjoyable event. For meetings lasting more than a couple of hours, it may be a good idea to have a break, including snacks and beverages. For events a half -day or longer, consider catering for your attendees. We can connect you with our on-site caterer’s menu options to find what is right for you and your group. After all, food can make or break an event.

Seeing is believing…

The NIIC’s world-class conference center accommodates business of all sizes and types. A valuable community resource, we offer competitive pricing, a beautiful facility, top-notch concierge staff, and on-site catering—a winning combination. But don’t just take my word for it. On Sept. 19, 7:30-8:30 a.m., join us for a tour and sample some menu items from our on-site caterer. Email me, tsipe@niic.net, with questions. Registration is required. Click here.


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