Coaching the Coach: Local Business Owner Finds Her Niche

Even coaches need coaches. It was the time and attention from The NIIC staff that helped Theresa Steele, Founder, Steele Business Coaching, take her business to the next level. Today, she uses a set of simple concepts and practical tools to help entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses. It took some work and […]

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Vision and values…so what?

Vision and values are great, but they are only a good as the systems that back them up. Without leadership and reinforcement from the top, these guidelines fall flat and become idealist and unmeaningful to people. Change is constant, but it’s possible to keep vision and values consistently active, with the right mindset and actions. […]

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Can I deduct that? 5 lesser-known tax deductions

It is the dreaded T-time again. Tax day is nearly here. Are you ready? Every entrepreneur is undoubtedly concerned with minimizing their tax burden and maximizing allowable deductions. However, you may be overlooking some obvious ones. Here are 5 lesser-known deductions that should be on your radar in 2018 and beyond: Home office: If you […]


​Hacking Creativity: Start with Solitude

Picasso reminds us, “without great solitude no serious work can be done.” Dr. Carl Simonton opined, “At age 5, a child is creative 98 times a day, and by age 44, adults are only creative two times a day.” Botton line – we have sucked all the creativity out of our adult veins, and we […]

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Entrepreneurs seeking mentors: 4 questions to ask

Working with a mentor can serve as a leg up for any professional in any industry—including entrepreneurs. They are not immune to the challenges business people face. In fact, in some ways, their struggles are amplified.  Having a sounding board and another set of eyes and ears can be just what an entrepreneur needs to […]

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