Being Vulnerable

Entrepreneurship is risky, but not in the way you think. While it is true you are putting your financial resources and your idea out there for the world to judge, the most challenging thing about starting your own company is being vulnerable – “the courage to be imperfect”. This can be scary, but what you […]

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Co-Founders: Problem or Opportunity?

3 out of 5 startups fail because of compatibility issues between co-founders. An often-overlooked question for an entrepreneur is whether to go it alone or take on co-founders.  It is often lonely starting a business. No founder can possess all the talents and skills to start and launch a new business. Microenterprises are businesses less […]

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The Vision Thing

The dictionary defines vision as “the ability to see something that you imagine, a picture in your mind, something that you see or dream”. This establishes the “fire in the belly” (unwavering passion, sense of urgency and resilience) that many vision-makers had for why they started their company. A popular motivational speaker reminds us that […]


Igniting Your Passion

Some research studies confirm entrepreneurial passion is an indicator of likely startup success. Do you have a burning desire to improve something or someone’s life? Do you wake up thinking about the difference your entrepreneurial idea might have on people’s lives – making things better, simpler, faster, or cheaper? If you do, your entrepreneurial passion […]

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If only…

Have you ever heard the expression or maybe the excuse, “if only…”? It goes something like this:  If only, I had gone to college. If only, I had inherited some money. If only, I had a second chance to work harder in college, I could have gotten a better job. Life seldom offers do-overs. Our […]

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