What constitutes a culture powered by learning agility?

Companies today place a strong emphasis on culture, workplace flexibility, and perks as points of difference in bolstering talent attraction and retention. But there’s another driver that’s often overlooked— and that is the importance of an adaptive and agile learning culture. I have been fascinated since the 1990s in the learning organization. One of the first […]

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5 Myths and Realities of An Entrepreneurial Mindset

There’s a reason a small percentage of the general population pursues entrepreneurial ventures. Myths and misconceptions abound, which dissuades many. Following are five myths and realities inspired by Dr. Donald F. Kuratko (Dr. K.), a national leader of entrepreneurship. Seriously, check out his biography. I had the pleasure of hearing him keynote The NIIC Ideas@Work Event a couple […]

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An Entrepreneurial Mandate – The Time is Now

The Indiana State Chamber’s Indiana Vision 2025 makes a sobering observation, “Despite economic momentum and new business creation in certain regions of the state, the overall Kauffman ranking for new entrepreneurs declined again – with Indiana’s rank falling from 44th to 47th. This points to the ongoing importance of regional economic development and quality of place initiatives.” […]


#GoalCrushing: 4 Must-Have Ingredients for Success

Goals are what move us forward in our personal lives, and the same can be said for our organization’s health. But not all goals are created equally. Also, not all goals are within our control. Have you ever heard the familiar organizational goal challenge of… do more? This is what happens when you have a successful […]

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How to Own Your Personal Brand

Photo by Allie Smith on Unsplash It seems odd for me to blog about personal brand when we have the #1 expert on our staff – Leslee Hill. In listening to Leslee over time and with various presentations she has made, she reminds me often of the personal power you bring to your brand. When […]

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