The Understated Introvert Advantage

When you think of a business builder, what qualities or personality traits come to mind? Maybe someone who has high energy and can effortlessly work a room (A Gladwell connector type)? The truth is, while the business world can seem to acknowledge and value this sales and relationship orientation, we can’t forget the introverts – […]

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Caring About Quality of Life in Fort Wayne: Parkview Mirro Center Spotlight

Parkview Mirro Center Promotes Innovation We are proud to have the Parkview Mirro Center, a pillar of innovation in our community, as a 5-year Club Sponsor for the NIIC’s own Ideas@Work movement. The Parkview Mirro Center has been significantly impacting the quality of life of not only Hoosiers, but people around the world with their […]

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Five Habits of Highly Effective Business Builders

You likely have heard about Stephen R. Covey’s “7 Habits”…but I’d like to offer my own version, the business builder edition. First, I have a confession to make. Given how watered down the word entrepreneur has become and some of its stereotypical variants (intrapreneur, solo-preneur, sole proprietor, business owner), Going forward, I will alter the […]


Making Fort Wayne a Musical Place to Live: Sweetwater Sound Spotlight

Sweetwater Promotes Entrepreneurship Born from entrepreneurial roots, Sweetwater Sound has supported the NIIC and its entrepreneurial endeavors for many years. Including being a 5-year Club Sponsor for our Ideas@Work movement. Music to Our Ears Sweetwater Sound is well-known for serving the music community, both locally and nationally.  Chuck Surack, Founder and President of Sweetwater, began […]

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Is your venture REALLY investment worthy?

Many entrepreneurs yearn for the day when an angel or venture capital (VC) firm is interested in helping them get to the next level. But without a strong track record coupled with the right contacts, it can be hard to identify the right opportunities.

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