#MyGivingStory – Disruptors for the Good

One of my favorite books is Grit to Great. “G.R.I.T. – Guts, Resilience, Initiative, Tenacity.” I GET to work at a place (The NIIC) that serves entrepreneurs. They model this every day, working their businesses. These disruptors of the ordinary are innovative spirits, who make our world better through their products and services. They make […]

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#MyGivingStory – Inspiring Entrepreneurial Stories

Passion. Grit. Legacy. Overcoming fear. Hesitancy. Feeling overwhelmed. These contradictory words describe the ups and downs aspiring business builders in our community face when building and growing a successful and sustainable venture. This is why they reach out to The NIIC/WEOC for a hand-up to access important business-building services. We walk alongside them in their […]

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Why embracing a ‘startup mentality’ is good for business

Startups (and their fearless band of business builders) are often synonymous with their scrappy can-do attitudes, creativity, and sense of innovation. They execute to bring an idea to life through a mission-driven culture. One of the most prolific writers and professors on entrepreneurship, Steve Blank, once said, “a startup is “a temporary organization designed to look […]


U.S. SBA Small Business Resource Guide, Indiana 2019-2020

The U.S. SBA Small Business Resource Guide for Indiana is now available for download (or get a printed copy from WEOC at The NIIC).  Various resources are available to women business builders throughout the state. “This is a great tool for all Indiana entrepreneurs, no matter where they are in the small business life cycle,” […]

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The Hershey Company: From Trials to Triumph

Halloween and candy go hand in hand, like peanut butter and jelly. Whether you’re giving out candy or have a kid trick-or-treating, you can’t escape the ubiquity of the Hershey Company products. Here is a quick quizlet for you to ponder? How many Hershey brands are there? What share of the U.S. chocolate market does […]

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