7 Tips for High Tech Businesses Writing Proposals for SBIR and STTR Funding

The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs support research and development and financing of cutting-edge technology. For STEM entrepreneurs, it can provide a significant boost to launch and grow their businesses. Following are 7 Tips for writing an SBIR or STTR proposal. 1.       Start with the end in mind. Dale […]

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5 Questions for STEM-preneurs to Answer BEFORE Pursuing the SBIR Proposal

The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program has become one of the best financing options for tech-oriented entrepreneurs. Perhaps you’ve looked at it and are interested in submitting a proposal. Where do you start? Here are five questions you need to answer before writing the SBIR Proposal. 1.       Does this project or idea fit my company’s plans? […]

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Could The Small Business Innovation Research Program Funding Be a Match for You?

Are you a STEM-preneur with a great idea that needs funding?  Most science and technology-oriented entrepreneurs have experienced this. You come up with a great idea. All it needs is a million dollars to sprint out of the starting gate. One of the best types of funding for STEM (Science, Technology Engineering, Math) is the Small […]


Crowdfunding Installment #3: Integrating Crowdfunding into Your Business Model & S...

This is my third installment in my ongoing conversation with Kathleen Minogue. Over the past three weeks, we have been diving deeper into crowdfunding, and how it can be an important catalyst in your capital stack strategy and in your business strategy. I want to thank Kathleen for her insights and her willingness to invest […]

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The Great Reimagination: The Case for Startups

I want to acknowledge my co-author and esteemed colleague, Dr. Larry Rottmeyer, for his collaboration and insights on this special edition blog. We continue to be shocked by the U.S. narrative that once the country starts opening the economy, there will be a tremendous surge in economic activity – pent up demand. While we yearn to go […]

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