Work Smarter Not Harder: 3 Classic mindsets to avoid

Photo by Stijn Swinnen on Unsplash Small businesses are notoriously resource-constrained, overcommitted and often suffer from larger than life ambitions but poor strategic execution. While agile, small growth businesses often face growing pains that larger organizations may take for granted. Following are a few ways in which small business owners may be sabotaging their own […]

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Don’t let your idea get left out in the cold.

Are you considering securing patents for your invention? Heed this cautionary tale about Scottish scientist Sir James Dewar, inventor of the thermos. The light bulb moment is just the beginning. Working at the Royal Institution of Great Britain in 1892, Dewar created the Dewar flask. Better known today as a thermos, the vacuum-jacketed vessel was […]

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The 3 C’s of Owning Who You Are in Your Business

Photo by Courtney Cochran Photography Earlier this week, I was invited to attend lunch with my great co-workers/mentors and three members from the Indiana Economic Development Corporation. Among these members was Elaine Bedel, IEDC President. Of course, anytime I am able to be around strong, successful women I am ready to take mental notes and […]


4 Ways To Take Corporate Innovation To The Next Level

Talk about innovation is cheap. How do you actually create a culture in which innovative (transformative and disruptive not just incremental) thinking is the norm? Here are a few factors I believe are critical to curating an innovation-driven mindset in the workplace: 1. An organizational commitment to continuous innovation “Kaizen” is a phrase first introduced […]

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May is National Mental Health Awareness Month.

If you’ve been following LookUp for awhile, by now you might know that 1 in 5 of us experiences a mental health condition in any given year, and 1 in 2 will struggle with it in our lifetime. So, it’s safe to say that a mental illness is affecting, will affect, or has affected you […]

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