Technology Transforming the Insurance Industry—Helping Hoosiers Prepare for the Shift

The NIIC Connected Health Lab hosted a webinar to educate industry leaders about insurtech—otherwise known as the intersection of insurance and technology. This is rapidly changing the creation, distribution, and administration of the insurance business. The webinar highlighted a broad range of technologies, such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT), […]

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MoshPit Innovation – Reimagine Your Business Using New Combinations

The Covid-19 pandemic has many business leaders realizing the time is now to reinvent what they do. It might be small adjustments. OR, it might be an entirely new business model. MoshPit Innovation™ will help you find those adjustments and new models. If your business is adjusting to the challenge of operating during the pandemic, […]

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It’s About the Experience

Entrepreneurs are drawn to opportunities, innovation, and new value creation. They have a growth mindset. They see things differently than others and are searching for what’s new and what’s next. Being entrepreneurial means being active. It means being experiential. Entrepreneurs who have become successful have several common traits. These traits include: vision, strong work ethic, […]


Tech Deserves Your Intention—Innovation Requires Focus on Customer Expectations

At the June Third Thursday Connections, Jason Pennington shared why tech deserves not only our attention but also our intention. “Today we have smartphones, smart houses, smart parking, smart everything. Customers haven’t changed, but their expectations have changed — and changed in a big way,” said Jason Pennington, Executive Director, Indiana IoT Lab. “In a […]

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The Great Reimagination: The Case for Startups

I want to acknowledge my co-author and esteemed colleague, Dr. Larry Rottmeyer, for his collaboration and insights on this special edition blog. We continue to be shocked by the U.S. narrative that once the country starts opening the economy, there will be a tremendous surge in economic activity – pent up demand. While we yearn to go […]

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