Rethinking busyness

“It is not enough to be industrious; so are the ants. What are you industrious about?” (Henry David Thoreau to H.G.O. Blake, 16 November 1857) In other words, what are you busy about in your life? Busy seems like a badge of honor these days. Everyone is “busy” with some pursuit of pursuits. But what […]

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Building a business? Cultivate & invest in these relationships.

The new venture creation process often has business builders focused on the technical and systems aspects of building their organization – getting the product made, hiring staff, finding early customers, locating the business and developing and producing marketing assets. However, in the process, they often overlook important variables (read: people) and adaptive leadership (& emotional […]

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Lean into curiosity

We all could stand to benefit from thinking more like a child. Curiosity doesn’t have to be relegated to youth. It’s an essential ingredient for effective leadership, robust company culture, successful team-building, and mental health. Here’s how you can model this behavior at work and at home: 1. Challenge the status quo. If you’ve ever spent […]


Inspiring a pipeline of female founders

Think about it – 40% of all businesses today are started by women. Our WEOC program works every day to connect women business builders with the resources and networks needed to start and successfully grow their businesses. Dedicated programs and events like our women business builders, mastermind, vlog series, individualized coaching, and targeted business development services […]

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Trade shows done right: Your guide to planning

It’s that time of year when many business builders are gearing up for spring trade shows. Each is a potential opportunity to market and gain customers and partners. But do you know how to approach it to maximize value and ROI from the experience? Trade shows are a big investment of time and money so […]

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