Time for a culture shift? Try these 5 tips

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash Cultural change in any organization must come from the top down. And the adage, “the small things are the big things” applies here when it comes to effecting change in a workplace setting. While culture can seem nebulous or intangible, it really does matter. Research shows that talent increasingly […]

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Stronger together: the case for entrepreneurial networks

Photo by Hans Peter Gauster, Unsplash One of the terms used in the Accountable Care Act is Essential Health Benefits (EHB). Theoretically, EHB’s was put in place to cover the care people need. This same concept can be applied to the Essential Business Builder Tools. One of the most essential tools in building a business […]

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Staying grounded: Beware of Carpetbaggers and False Prophets

Photo by Shannon Rowies on Unsplash What does science say might separate effective founders and business builders from mediocre ones? The answer may surprise you: a healthy dose of pessimism. While it might not be the first trait that comes to mind (or at all) when you think of entrepreneurial greatness, the data provides a […]


5 Ways to Overcome Founder’s Syndrome

Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash Entrepreneurs and business builders of organizations of all sizes often grapple with a psychological struggle known as Founder’s Syndrome, a term used to refer to a leader’s resistance to change, difficulty with giving up control, has all the answers, and withholds information. If left unchecked, it can negatively impact […]

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Discounting 101: Good or bad for business?

Photo by Artem Bali on Unsplash Macy’s marks-up products to mark them down. So the good deal at a final clearance of 75% of MSRP was never sold anywhere close to MSRP. It probably started at 67% off. Kohl’s gives you Kohl’s cash. Then, you feel obligated to spend it so Kohl’s increases its product […]

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