Goal setting: How to make it inspiring and fun

Over the last year, I have made new discoveries, new connections and new commitments regarding my goals by walking alongside and learning as CEO and Founder Jack Patton and Stre.me have taken off from a hand-sketched concept to a full-blown app. Jack’s passion to make goal-setting more achievable, more approachable while building more confidence – in essence, […]

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Case study: Planet Fitness and knowing your niche

It’s that time of year when American gyms are packed. Some gym-goers are new to the pursuit of fitness altogether, while some are returning after a stint away during the holidays. Planet Fitness has carved out a niche in that it pursues the former. The New Hampshire–based gym franchise’s business model relies on this key […]

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Time to recalibrate?

Pivoting can be expensive, time-consuming and sometimes over-rated but so can the consequences of not adjusting the trajectory of your business venture at the optimal time. Sometimes re-evaluating your current approach is exactly what your enterprise needs to do to ensure future success. But how do you know when it’s time? Here are three telltale […]


The Stoic Leader

You’ve likely heard of someone practicing stoicism (In this case, it’s likely with lowercase, as in “S/he exhibits a sort of stoicism in dealing with the loss of his job.”) This word is in today’s vernacular, but there are many nuances to its meaning in the historical context. Stoicism is a school of philosophy that hails […]

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Stay on top of your A-Game in 2020

You’re bringing your “A-game” and getting results. Your customers are enamored with your innovative products and services. You’re retaining the best and brightest and your cash flow and profits are consistent and reliably strong. In short, you have rhythm and momentum. But don’t get complacent — a well-disciplined enterprise today isn’t enough to keep you […]

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