Crowdfunding Installment #3: Integrating Crowdfunding into Your Business Model & S...

This is my third installment in my ongoing conversation with Kathleen Minogue. Over the past three weeks, we have been diving deeper into crowdfunding, and how it can be an important catalyst in your capital stack strategy and in your business strategy. I want to thank Kathleen for her insights and her willingness to invest […]

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The Great Reimagination: The Case for Startups

I want to acknowledge my co-author and esteemed colleague, Dr. Larry Rottmeyer, for his collaboration and insights on this special edition blog. We continue to be shocked by the U.S. narrative that once the country starts opening the economy, there will be a tremendous surge in economic activity – pent up demand. While we yearn to go […]

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Crowdfunding Installment #2: Mechanics & Dynamics of Crowdfunding

This second blog installment is a continuation of the conversation I have been having with Kathleen Minogue to better understand the mechanics and dynamics of crowdfunding. This week we look closer at types of crowdfunding, platforms, the importance of known network, and the timeframe you need to commit to properly plan for a successful campaign. […]


Installment #1: Crowdfunding: Is it for you?

I heard a sobering statistic today, 1:72 ventures applying for funding from the Techcoast Angels (this is pre-COVID19) was successful. UNH Center for Venture Research says, on average, 15% of early-stage companies that are brought to the attention of investors result in an investment. So, for the next three weeks, I am going to have […]

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#InThisTogether: A business builder’s guide to managing uncertainty

Life is on hold for much of the world as we grapple with the implications of the COVID-19. This destructive, insidious and silent killer has caused our once thriving stock market, economy and high quality of life to come to a screeching halt. Anxiety is high. Many don’t know if we can flatten the curve. […]

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