Breaking Barriers—It takes more than a good idea to succeed.

Graphic by Shutterstock While a good business idea is essential to your entrepreneurial journey, ideas are fragile. Fewer than 1 out of 3,000 raw ideas becomes successful. Navigating risks and uncertainties will be crucial to getting your idea off the ground. How do you know if your idea is just a good idea or if […]

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Breaking Barriers—Where do I start my entrepreneurial journey?

Graphic by Shutterstock You have so many ideas swimming around in your head, but you are unsure where to start. You have read a lot of different information offering conflicting advice. Do you need a business plan? Do you need to talk to potential partners and customers? Do you need to hire a lawyer to […]

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Breaking Barriers—it’s all about you!

Graphic by Shutterstock Starting a business isn’t easy. Everyone you know tells you are crazy, stupid, or insane. Yet, you see around corners, and you have a passion that will not go away. Investors tell you it will not work. Customers want it to look and function differently than how you designed it. You’re not […]


Breaking Barriers Blog Series Introduction

Graphic by Shutterstock Breaking Barriers is an exclusive blog series dedicated to activating inspirational thinking and business building tips to assist underestimated founders on their entrepreneurial journeys. The NIIC is an entrepreneurial resource center and global thought leader providing innovative tools and emotional support to inspiring business builders to accelerate the growth and development of their […]

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Being Vulnerable

Entrepreneurship is risky, but not in the way you think. While it is true you are putting your financial resources and your idea out there for the world to judge, the most challenging thing about starting your own company is being vulnerable – “the courage to be imperfect”. This can be scary, but what you […]

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