Breaking Barriers—Vision

Graphic by Shutterstock The dictionary defines vision as “the ability to see something that you imagine, a picture in your mind, something that you see or dream.” This establishes the “fire in the belly” (unwavering passion, sense of urgency and resilience) that many vision-makers had for why they started their company. A popular motivational speaker […]

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Breaking Barriers—Igniting Your Passion

Graphic by Shutterstock Some research studies confirm entrepreneurial passion is an indicator of likely startup success. Do you have a burning desire to improve something or someone’s life? Do you wake up thinking about the difference your entrepreneurial idea might have on people’s lives – making things better, simpler, faster, or cheaper? If you do, […]

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Breaking Barriers—If only…

Graphic by Shutterstock Have you ever heard the expression or maybe the excuse, “if only…”? It goes something like this:  If only, I had gone to college. If only, I had inherited some money. If only, I had a second chance to work harder in college, I could have gotten a better job. Life seldom offers […]


Breaking Barriers—Take Care of Yourself. No one else will.

Graphic by Shutterstock Starting or building a business can be an emotional roller coaster with some extreme high highs and some really low, lows. Entrepreneurial self-care is real and necessary. Often entrepreneurs experience higher rates of mental illness due to loneliness, hopelessness, fear, anxiety, burnout, and depression. All the weight of the business—its success and […]

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Breaking Barriers—Are you ready to explore and learn?

Graphic by Shutterstock It takes guts to be an entrepreneur. It is much easier to work for someone else than it is to build your own business. Through passion and persistence, it is the way to go. Fear of failure and thinking about what others might think of you weighs on your self-confidence and makes […]

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