MoshPit Innovation – Reimagine Your Business Using New Combinations

The Covid-19 pandemic has many business leaders realizing the time is now to reinvent what they do. It might be small adjustments. OR, it might be an entirely new business model. MoshPit Innovation™ will help you find those adjustments and new models. If your business is adjusting to the challenge of operating during the pandemic, […]

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It’s About the Experience

Entrepreneurs are drawn to opportunities, innovation, and new value creation. They have a growth mindset. They see things differently than others and are searching for what’s new and what’s next. Being entrepreneurial means being active. It means being experiential. Entrepreneurs who have become successful have several common traits. These traits include: vision, strong work ethic, […]

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The Great Reimagination: The Case for Startups

I want to acknowledge my co-author and esteemed colleague, Dr. Larry Rottmeyer, for his collaboration and insights on this special edition blog. We continue to be shocked by the U.S. narrative that once the country starts opening the economy, there will be a tremendous surge in economic activity – pent up demand. While we yearn to go […]


Breaking Barriers—Being Vulnerable

Graphic by Shutterstock Entrepreneurship is risky. But, not in the way you think. It is true you are putting your financial resources and your idea out there for the world to judge. Yet, the most challenging thing about starting your own company is being vulnerable. It’s about the courage to be imperfect. This can be […]

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Breaking Barriers—Co-founders: Problem or Opportunity?

Graphic by Shutterstock Three out of five startups fail because of compatibility issues between co-founders. An often-overlooked question for an entrepreneur is whether to go it alone or take on co-founders.  It is often lonely starting a business. No founder can possess all the talents and skills to start and launch a new business. Microenterprises […]

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REIMAGINE: Survive and Thrive During COVID-19

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