First I had to Believe that someone had faith in me.

Owner, Blessed Life Apparel
Breakthrough Program graduate

First I had to Believe that I could be my own boss.

Owner, Partly Whimsical
Breakthrough Program graduate

First I had to Believe that I could reach higher.

Owner, Solomon and Company
Breakthrough Program graduate

Our New Graduates Create Business for All.

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Do you dream about creating a new life for yourself by creating a new business? The NIIC, or as we like to call it, The Nothing Is Impossible Club, wants you to know that we believe you can do it. Yes, you. First you need time to dream and imagine. Then you’ll want someone who can hold your hand step-by-step until you have a workable, real-life plan. We provide the resources, mentoring, feedback and support you need. Then, we’ll help you create a business plan that leads to You, Inc.


Our economy only thrives when small business does. And believe it or not, there are people out there who want to help others get a shot at something better for themselves.

This NIIC Program, for instance, is made possible with help from a grant from the Foellinger Foundation, a family-funded legacy that supports Allen County residents with the greatest economic need and the least opportunity. They offer grants to those with the determination to be self-reliant and build our community.

New small businesses create new opportunities for everyone. You’re someone who can make it all possible.


We’ll help you take your business from an idea to reality. You’ll have access to tools that increase your self-awareness and business knowledge step-by-step. This self-paced journey usually takes 3-6 months, depending on how developed your business idea is. You’ll have the chance to practice, experiment, engage in peer-to-peer sharing and conduct field work along the way too.


Course Experience Description
Path 1: Awareness You’ll learn more about what it’s like to start a new business and explore the idea of becoming an entrepreneur. We give special attention to how successful business owners think, a growth mindset and other common traits that will help you thrive.
Path 2: Interest Many common skills are needed for new business success. You’ll learn about these; plus, sources of opportunities, idea(s) on a napkin, and common causes of new business failure.
Path 3: Value You’ll next get involved with the foundation of your business: the value proposition. Seeing how value is viewed from the customer’s point of view, how value gets created, and the design of a value proposition statement.
Path 4: Commitment At this stage you have committed to your business idea and will begin research. Research is vital to a startup. You’ll learn about a variety of research techniques, including data collection. The importance of asking the right questions will also be covered.
Path 5: Problem-Solving You’ll get an understanding of challenges and how to handle them, including seeing problems, confirming that they are real and finding solutions that properly solve them.
Path 6: Realization You’ll be introduced to our business plan platform, providing a way to quickly define your business model. Key topics include the modern business startup process, and applications for startup business owners.
Path 7: Financing Main financial areas that affect new business startups will be covered: revenues, costs, two year income projections and capital. You’ll learn about revenue streams, common business costs and how to identify sources of funding for your startup.
Path 8: Thriving Once a business is started, you have to keep it going. You’ll learn about branding, growth, operations, the funding pitch deck, marketing and sales, and mentors.

Service Offerings

  • One-to-one coaching sessions
  • Training workshops
  • Resource connections
  • Capital connections, training and advising (key to microfinancing)
  • NIIC Navigator(r) Online Training and support

Next Steps


  • The Connected Communities program is funded in part through a grant from the Foellinger Foundation.
  • Additional funding and resources are provided by host organization The NIIC.



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