With 16 years of experience, we know there are times when businesses want to move fast and need prompt access to entrepreneurial resources, including capital investment.

Whether onsite, or off the grid, our venture growth acceleration services are flexible and accommodating to the needs of your business. No long-term contracts required. The NIIC offers mentorship, access to capital, short-term leases and access to our expansive education offerings, including The NIIC Navigator™ Online Toolset, So What, Who Cares, Why You™ and Lean Canvas.

Part of our mission, in fact, is to accelerate the growth and development of your venture by connecting you to accessible seed capital and other investment financial resources.


GAP FINANCING. Usually tied to a specific investable business with other early stage angel investors, gap financing focuses on prototype development, feasibility studies and business plan creation. Financing can be as much as $50,000.

ASSET-BASED FINANCING. Provides up to $25,000 to entrepreneurs to lease technology and equipment needed to enhance, test and improve business operations. The venture needs to have cash flow to support debt-repayment.

REVOLVING WORKING CAPITAL LINE OF CREDIT. Helps counter the cyclicality of the technology sales circuit. Financing can be as much as $15,000. Local micro-financing leaders, CDFI’s and CDC’s should be fully explored and investigated prior to making an application to The NIIC’s LEAP Fund.

Our financial expertise and connections are wide-ranging and applicable to all promising ventures. Businesses at The NIIC find initial seed capital from multiple sources, including our own LEAP Fund (Local Entrepreneurial Acceleration Program).

Investments are made by the Investment Committee of The NIIC’s Board of Directors. The LEAP Fund has approximately $500,000 of investable funds. Its investment recommendations follow a prescribed assessment, elevation and due diligence protocol. Only companies invited by The NIIC President and CEO may formally apply for gap financing. Entrepreneurs and business owners may apply on a rolling basis to the other two LEAP programs, but they require a current legal entity, to be domiciled in Northeast Indiana and have been denied by a bank or micro-lender/CDFI. Limited funds are available, resulting in high levels of competition.

If applicants are not NIIC clients in good standing, they will be underwritten on The NIIC’s behalf by a local bank prior to an approval/denial decision.

To learn more about accelerating your business or venture at The NIIC, contact us.