Upcoming Events

Youth Summer Job Fair

May 25 | 11:00a.m.–5:00p.m. (Click For More Info)

Finances for Non-financial Managers

May 29 | 5:00

p.m.–7:00p.m. (Click For More Info)

Successful Habits for Mentoring Relationships

May 30 | 8:00a.m.–9:00a.m. (Click For More Info)

Strengthening Professional Communication
Skills Workshop: You Don’t Say—
Change Negatives to Positives

June 13 | 7:30a.m.–9:00a.m. (Click For More Info)

Anti-Fraud Workshop: 10 Ways to Reduce Risk

June 21 | 7:30a.m.–10:00a.m. (Click For More Info)

The Trust Factor:
Building Trust in Mentoring Relationships

June 13 | 8:00a.m.–9:30a.m. (Click For More Info)

The Role of the Mentor and Mentorship Program at WEOC

July 25 | 8:00a.m.–9:30a.m. (Click For More Info)


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